Sustainable Development Strategies and Guidelines

Sustainable Development Strategies and Guidelines

            Earth Tech Energy (Public) Company Limited and its subsidiaries operate the business of generating and distributing electricity from renewable power plants and the business of engineering design services for power plants, supply of power plant machinery and equipment, and construction of integrated power plant. Therefore, it is the company group that operate a truly integrated clean energy power plant business. The Company is committed to continuously developing the organization to become the leading organization in the renewable power plant industry with international standards, safety for communities, environmental friendliness, and sustainable growth and providing good and fair returns to stakeholders in all sectors by creating a culture and develop personnel of the organization to be knowledgeable and able to handle with the current and future competitions. In addition, the Company provides business strategies that create stability to the organization as follows:

  1. Organization with social responsibility and environmental friendliness that solves industrial waste problems for the nation and does not create pollution to the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste volume from its production process

The Company is committed to be an organization with social responsibility and environmental friendliness and can help solve waste problems that affect the public and the environment by using it as fuel to generate electricity in accordance with government policies promoting the use of waste as fuel to reduce the country’s waste problem. This is an effective waste management method by turning waste into a useful resource. The Company also has the investment policy by applying clean technology and continuously improving machine performances so that it does not affect the environment, including strictly supervising and controlling environmental quality management and waste management in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and promoting the awareness of occupational health, safety and environment of employees, communities, and society continuously.

  1. Cost control management and continuous improvement of operations of power plant for the highest efficiency

The Company is committed to enhancing the competency of power plant operations for the highest efficiency by focusing on the continuous development of innovations of electricity generation technology and electricity generation cost control management with a team of experts with knowledge and expertise of the subsidiary, Earth Engineering and Construction Company Limited (“EEC”).  Such subsidiary operates the businesses of engineering design services, supply of machinery and equipment, integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), and power plant Operations & Maintenance (O&M). It is an important strength of the Company to control production for the highest quality and provide state-of-the-art technologies that are safe for communities and the environment, raise standards, and comply with international standards, which are the foundation and strong power that will help the organization achieve sustainable growth potential.

  1. Business Expansion Management

The Company focuses on expanding the business of renewable energy plants by using a wide range of renewable energy sources, including businesses of engineering design services, supply of machinery and equipment, and integrated EPC, domestically and internationally, by taking into account the financial possibilities, reasonable returns, and acceptable level of risk in order to achieve the goal of generating good operating results. The Company adopts 3 business expansion strategies as follows: preparing to participate in the renewable electricity project in accordance with the government’s announced policy, seeking for alliances or mergers of power plants that are completely operated and have not been operated but have power purchase agreements, and providing services of design, construction, and supply of power plant machinery to power plants outside the Company Group as well as power plant operations & maintenance.


 Sustainability Policy  

The Company is committed to operating and generating sustainable growth for the business under good corporate governance by taking into account the impact on stakeholders, society, and environment. The Company believes that business operations on the basis of sustainability are the cornerstone to strengthen the organization’s stable growth. In addition, the Company improves the sustainability policy to cover key issues throughout the value chain in order to be the best practices for business operations of the organization. It covers all 3 dimensions as follows:

Economic Dimension :  

  • The Company adheres to business operations with transparency, fairness and social and environmental responsibilities, including all stakeholders, in accordance with good corporate governance principles and the code of conduct.
  • The policy on anti-corruption framework and corruption risk management and the internal control system stipulate duties and responsibilities, practices and requirements of operations.

Social Dimension:  

  • Operations and projects are conducted with corporate social responsibility to promote the good understanding of people in the community and lead to a pleasant social coexistence and also create value for businesses and all stakeholders for better quality of life.
  • The Company aims to develop the potential of employees and supervises work environment, safety, health and well-being of employees.

Environmental Dimension:  

  • Sustainable natural resource and environmental management focuses on the use of natural resources and environmental protection throughout the business operation process. The Company adopts state-of-the-art technologies and management system that provides the effective control to protect and conserve the ecosystem and environment of communities and provides security measures.
  • Promoting the use of unused, non-hazardous and non-recyclable materials as fuel for electricity generation
  • Complying with standards relating to safety, security, health and the environment appropriately and taking into account impacts on natural resources and environment